images (5)images (4)When we hear the word “hacker’’ bad thoughts usually come into our minds. The popular definition of a hacker is someone who intentionally breaks into systems or networks to illegally obtain information or permeate chaos into a network for the express purpose of control. Hackers are not usually associated with doing good deeds; in fact, the term “hacker” is often synonymous with “criminal” to the public. These hackers are called the “BLACK-HAT HACKERS”, the folks we hear about on the news creating chaos and pulling down systems. They maliciously enter secure networks and exploit flaws for their own personal gain. However, there are also hackers who hacked not because they want to create damage into the system but to bring attention to a cause and they are called “WHITE-HAT HACKERS”.

Hackers often scare us and fascinate us at once. Organizations using computer-based information systems are well aware of this threat. That’s the reason why they are looking for people who can stay ahead of the individuals determined to bring their systems down. They hire white-hat hackers or also known as “ethical hackers’’, who are working from the inside of a company, with the company’s full knowledge and permission, who hack into the company’s networks to find flaws and present their reports to the company. And I believe that they are the only kind of hackers who have the right to claim that they were just hacking for a good cause because in the first place, that’s what they are paid for.





It is true that computer-based information systems are widely and commonly used nowadays in many large organizations.  Information is an extremely important resource for both individuals and organizations. In daily operations of the organizations, it faces a lot of problems to solve and decisions to make. That is the reason why an information system is wanted in an organization because it supports those activities.

            Decision making plays a key role in managerial work. Since the success of an organization largely depends on the quality of the decisions that its employees make. Computer-based systems help in the process of decision-making when it involves a large amount of information. It makes the process more efficient and effective.

We really can’t deny that many organizations are now relying on automated decision aids in making decisions. However, this does not mean that the demand for college-educated workers will no longer be needed. An organization having an information system still needs educated college workers that will make use of it. It will be useless if the workers don’t know how to operate them. Those automated decision-making aids will just be used to support the workers and free them from solving complex and unusual problems. It will just help them accomplish their jobs more accurate and faster. Organizations employing college-educated workers with the appropriate information systems will surely achieve its goal.



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“Broadband is not just an infrastructure. It is a general-purpose technology that can fundamentally restructure an economy.”

World Bank, 2009

Most people cannot imagine living without the Internet. Increasingly, many people as well view broadband as the “fourth utility” alongside water, heating and electricity. It definitely modifies and shapes our current society making it more difficult to live without all its benefits.

High- speed broadband connection really brings a lot of positive advantages to all of us but it also have bad effect on some businesses. Some businesses that might be affected with high-speed broadband connection are video rental houses; VCD and DVD tape stores, mail post office, load retailers , and photo printing shops. With high-speed broadband connections, people can do everything easily, conveniently and swiftly. They can stream to audios and videos online without renting or buying vcd and DVD tapes. People don’t need to develop pictures because they can keep it by just uploading it to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Buying load for texting and calling will no longer be necessary as long as there is an internet connection. Sending messages will be through instant messaging like yahoo mail, Gmail and Facebook messenger.

Indeed, no matter how great the benefits of having high-speed broadband connections are, it still has a downside.




In this time wherein technology is really emerging and computers are everywhere, I don’t really think that open source software (OSS) will disappear. Instead, it will proliferate because OSS is generally free software. Open source developers choose to make the source code of their software publicly available for the good of the community and publish their software with an open source license, meaning that other developers can see how it works and add to it. Therefore, it can be shared to anyone then it would spread widely. Open source software is also use now in the business industry. It works in much the same way as proprietary software systems provided by commercial software firms – the only difference being that generally you don’t pay for it. However there are a few important differences – the idea behind open source software is that users are effectively co-developers, suggesting ways to improve it, helping to hunt out bugs and problems. This means that if you wish you can modify it to your own needs, port it to new operating systems and share it with others. You can as well adapt open source software for your own business requirements. So it is like you are making your own open source software. The main reason why organizations use OSS is to achieve productivity. OSS can also reduce cost given that it is free. It is very helpful not just to the ordinary people but as well in the business sector. That’s why I really believe that as time goes by, open source software will increase its number.



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It is already a fact that technology has indeed changed our lives drastically. Many machines, gadgets and other electronic devices that were invented altered our lives. With that, many more electronic devices are invented everyday and are for sale. Those were made for the purpose of making our lives more convenient and easier. However, do we know how to distinguish which of those inventions are helpful and useful to us? And which are just for a mere pleasure and entertainment?

Well, for me, helpful devices are those big mechanical or electrical tools or instruments that are made in many components. They were made to gain advantage and to come up with a desired outcome in whatever purposes it may be used for. An example of a helpful device are computers, it has many components and is surely used for a purpose. It is very useful in many different ways to all of us.

While, on the other hand, a gadget is usually those small mechanical tool or device used for a particular purpose too. Examples are smart phones, tablets, digital cameras and etc. When I hear the word “gadget” what comes first in my mind is the word “entertainment”. That’s why for me, gadgets are those tools used for amusement, leisure and hobby only.

Factory of the FUTURE



In the future, there will be no need to manually do all the work because IS will do it for us. With the proper use of ISs in different departments of an organization, then everything will be in place.

In order for a manufacturing organization’s operation to be efficient, it should use the SCM systems. For SCM systems will do the monitoring, controlling and facilitating of the supply chains. Also, if a factory uses RFID in their products, it will be easier for them to track the movement and sales of their products. Because once the product that contains a tag leaves the warehouse, the tag broadcast information into a computer that is linked to a database server. Therefore, there will be no need to require anyone to type data into the information systems.

I believe that every organizations, want to satisfy their customers’ needs by providing them the products and services they want. It is also important for them to know their customers to determine features that the customers desire most. So in order to do that, the organization should create a database that will contain information about the customers. In the database, it is the customer who fill-up information about them. There should also be a page, wherein the customers and the suppliers can interact with each other regarding the orders of the customers, their complaints or any other information that has to do with the customers.

It is important for an organization to track every financial transaction their company does. In order for them to know who owes the company, how much money and when it is due. Therefore, the company has to use the accounting ISs. Accounting ISs pulls information from the transaction processing system and it automatically routes purchases to accounts payable.

Using SIS is good for customers


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Businesses nowadays realize that their key to success lies in how efficiently they generate, receive, transfer, process, and analyze information within the organization and along value chain. Therefore, they go for information system. Companies are now aggressively investing in developing new as well as enhancing existing information systems. Information systems are not just use in solving problems and gathering data but are now built to seize opportunities which are often called strategic information system.


Most companies that use SIS gain a strategic advantage over rivals and therefore leading to a competitive advantage in the market. And for me, it is not unfair that they can afford building a system that will help them achieve their organizational goals. Since they are just doing what they think is the best for their company and for the customers as well. Also, if the company is doing some strategy then it can function well. Thus, it can provide a better quality products and services to the customers. It can offer a products or services that their competitors cannot provide. Organizations can also enhance their existing products and make it more attractive. Therefore, it is so favorable for us customers because we want the best.




online-vs-traditionalDue to the increasing influence and popularity of the internet, everything around us has changed drastically and that includes the business society. Many traditional small businesses nowadays considered e-commerce as a valid and profitable sales channel. However, e-commerce is very different from the traditional commerce and it is very important to know about these two in order for us costumers to avoid unnecessary problems.


Traditional commerce is buying and selling of goods and services face-to-face, physically. While, Web-based Commerce is trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the internet. In traditional shopping, you have to go stores to shop while in the online shopping; you can shop anything at anytime with just a flick of the mouse. Since traditional commerce is often based around face to face interaction. The customer has a chance to ask questions and the sales staff can work with them to ensure a satisfactory transaction. On the other hand, e-commerce doesn’t offer this benefit. Online shopping too provides convenience than traditional shopping. You don’t need to wait in lines over the counter, instead your just home relaxing. This also allows customers to save time, gas money and fare. One huge advantage many online stores have over traditional retailers is that they are able to offer the same goods at lower prices.


What I really like about traditional shopping is that I can see and touch the items that I want to buy. I can try them on if it fits to me and then check also if there are any defects. I too like the thought of strolling around the mall with my family and friends while shopping. It gives me time to bond with them and at the same time relaxes my mind from all the stresses in my student life.

Does IT Matter?




 The world we are living in, as we know, has changed drastically. We are now living in a world that offers any bit of information we want with just one click from our computers and other electronic devices.


This type of convenience has changed both my personal and school life in many ways. For example, IT allows me to reach my family and friends residing miles away from me through mobile texting and chatting. Just signing in, in my several social networking accounts, I get updated to the latest happenings not just inside our country but all over the world. As for me, if I don’t get connected to the internet even just for a day, I feel like incomplete and being left behind.


In addition, almost all of my teachers nowadays, make use of the social media to update us about our lessons and other school stuffs. As a student, IT is a great help to me when I’m doing my assignments and projects. It makes my school work less manual and easier. Truly, IT is so much a part of our lives, which we cannot imagine life would be without it.